Just 4 days ago, Thyron released his live edits that fans had been waiting for and here they are.

Thyron is capable of being the best Xtra Raw DJ and producer in the scene due to his unique and splendid style, and all the hype that surrounds him is really justified, coming from Fusion Records, ending up in Gearbox and being a name that no one certainly wants to miss in one festival, this due to its unique sonority that he has conquered over the years.

It was precisely this video that we received in our notifications and on Spotify you can find all the live edits that you have to listen to.

This EP contains tracks that are classic in the world of Xtra and also one of the most heard from Thyron, Full Force and Loud Noises. The others are also of raw quality, but those 2 in particular are really special.

By the end of the year we will have a few more Thyron releases, make sure you follow his social media for more tracks!

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