Oliver Heldens famous alter ego HI-LO has a fresh new track out and this one’s an absolute banger with its deep, bass driven atmosphere!

The track begins with some plucks slowly filling in the soundwaves. A bassy synth joins it as we progress, with some drum elements assisting its build up. Right after we’re treated to an unrelentless anti-climatic portion that drops out of the blue, surprising the listener, and that is the standout part of the track. Its deep bassline, the punchy kick and the slight distortion down below give it a very deep and characteristic tone. Once more we hear elements being added as we progress, such as the intense hi-hat and the plucks being introduced once more. The break allows the listener to breathe for a second, with the following section being another anti climatic one, similar to what we’ve listened before, but with some added details, such as the clap right at the start that has a echoey sound, giving it a spatial feel and contrasting well with the immersive bass.

The feel you get when this track drops on good speakers is immense. We can only imagine how it will sound on a club with a proper setup! We can assure you even your bones will tremble with this one…

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