Mastermind DJ Thera can’t stop and won’t stop! Another banger just got released, and we can definitely say we’re witnessing another high point in this artist’s career!

The track kicks off with some robot-like vocals, and then the lead kicks in. The kick slowly comes to life as we progress, with the mid intro being a punchy one, setting the pace. The track smoothly transitions to a break with a nice air piano, just to slowly ramp back up with the lead melody shaping up. A small break with the vocals precedes the climax, a very energetic one! The deepness and punchiness of the kick shines once more, with the melody on top contrasting very well with it. The end repeats more or less the same recipe of the mid-intro.

This is one very interesting, summer-ish track that helps us end in the best way possible a summer that didn’t have any festivals, and barely had any events at all! A sort of nod to the fact that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel… In addition to that, I personally found the track title quite curious – likely unrelated in any way, but it still reminded me of All Get Down!

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