One year after the very first EP of Colyn on Afterlife, the ‘Resolve’ EP, the Dutch producer is now back with ‘Patterns’, a 4-track EP with his brother Maurits Colijn.

Colyn entered on Afterlife Rec on the last summer with his track ‘Amor‘ that was part of the REALM OF CONSCIOUSNESS PT. IV compilation. Two months after the ‘Resolve‘ came to life, and it was at that time that the Dutch producer started to gain his identity within the label, with very melodic leads and a relaxing bass underneath those leads.

And well, with ‘Patterns‘ EP we have the continuity of this legacy that has been built since the beginning. This release is composed by four tracks. The first one has the same name of EP itself and it was produced alongside Maurits Colijn, his brother.

After that we have ‘Merging Realities‘ and ‘Protect Me‘, two very well produced tracks that according to the label itself are described as a ‘dial up the intensity, showing the more club-focused edge to Colyn’s talents. They are radiant and uplifting; delicately balanced on the border of styles, it’s a space Colyn can call his own’.

And to finish ‘Patterns‘ we have the long waited track called ‘Exo‘. This one was performed several times by Colyn itslef and Tale Of Us. A truly masterpiece to end the EP in the best way possible.

And well this is Colyn’s EP ‘Patterns‘. You can purchase all the tracks here and tell us your opinion in the comments.

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