INVADE & Alee were very inspired on this day when they produced this track as this is spectacular, as the name of the track says, there are many oldschool vibes!

This INVADE track showcases why Neophyte Records have always been at the top of their game, as they only release quality tracks that aren’t just “one more” amidst a sea of new releases, this one has a feeling together with it, in this specific case it is the old times of Hardcore and it makes us remember the Gabbers from the early days. It gives an enormous feeling of nostalgia as they were one of the highest moments of Hard Scene back in the 90’s. And the initial kick and the melody kind of lit this flame. The rest of the track has a nice structure and the classic Hardcore that we all love with different kicks on a 180 BPM track. Hardcore has many years of history and was one of the styles that most innovated and also originated many sub-genres and one more famous than another, like Uptempo and Frenchcore, so Hardcore will never die and will always be innovating every year ahead in relation to many styles.

INVADE is a young producer from Holland ready to grow more and, in my opinion, with this release he is able to gain more recognition and he is very close to reaching a thousand followers so if you liked his music, make sure you follow him for future releases!

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