Not too long ago we reported on the creation of a new Hardstyle label – Savage Squad Recordings – and now we have their first release!

This comes from one of the founders, The Purge, and it’s an absolute blast!

The intro kicks off with orchestral like vocals in the background with a speech on top, giving it a spooky atmosphere. We’re then suddenly led through a very punchy mid-intro, something the artist has got us used to, with a kick switch that raises intensity a lot. On top of the airwaves we have a few screeches. The break has a recipe that’s similar to the intro, introducing a quick note progression up top, making up the melody. The build up is very simple, unleashing all the power this track has to offer right after. A short break separates this section, and we once more have brutal kicks filling up the lower frequencies, with screeches up top. The track then finishes as quickly as it ramped up!

This is one of those tracks that truly benefits from a good sound system… And no matter how good your speakers are, we’re sure that this one will surprise you very positively when you hear it live!

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