Today we start the day with a big release on Heart of Hard and from a very unknown and already high quality producer, we present to you Kenai with his new song “Underworld“.

The track has a lot of dark vibes and even the kicks have something malicious and that leaves us with another vision for the track. We immediately concluded that Kenai is ready to follow the rules of Heart of Hard and go on with his career on this magnificent label. One of the highlights of the track is that kick is not the same as the previous one and that makes us very happy because we love diversity and that is not lacking, Kenai will certainly be someone to keep an eye on during this time.

Kenai is an Italian producer who has his goals very clear about what he wants for the future and who in this quarantine jumped in the studio to show what he knows how to do, but before something good had happened to him, Regain played one of his tracks at an event and it made people wonder who that track was because nobody knew about it.

Heart of Hard saw an opportunity that could not be missed and with the help of Regain, Kenai managed to be part of this label and launch this bomb and so far it is having excellent feedback from the community.

This virus really screwed up a lof of things but we can’t be sad because this is close to an end, on a personal level I dealt badly with the quarantine and the virus because I wanted to be with and see my closest ones, but not everything is always bad, thanks to the quarantine, many DJ’s saw their opportunities in producing music for a longer time and that meant that there were more releases which entertained us at home. Wide Future thanks all the producers who, however discouraged they were as there are no festivals, they continued to produce like never before, because when the festivals return they will sure see their names on the line-ups and we will be very proud.

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