Today is definitely a special day for Neolux because despite celebrating 1 million plays on the song “Infinity”, he celebrates yet another very good release, the remix of “Empire of Steel” and the final result is brilliant.

The vocals on this track are certainly one of the highlights of it and the melody together with kick, which has a beautiful punch, deserves many plays for the organized work, once again.

This brilliant young man from Romania has his future outlined and we will certainly have some festival promoters keeping an eye on him due to the immense quality of the releases that he has put out throughout these difficult times. I’m sure that if there were festivals he would have lots of proposals to perform because when this pandemic over we can’t wait to hear his tracks in loud and clear in big speakers.

The quarantine must certainly have helped him to spend more time in the studio creating bangers after bangers but he is already at a time when he deserves festival stages so, if you want to contribute to this cause, please never forget to wear a mask to avoid this pandemic and give this man a few of your plays!

We already spoke about Neolux so if you are interested make sure you ready this article as well!

Given we’re mostly still stuck at home, wouldn’t it be great to hear a set from this young man? Maybe something may pop up, who knows… Stay tuned to our socials and Neolux’s socials!

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