Today, around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Frontliner released a fantastic track with oldschool vibes.

Reactivate” is the name of the track and it is a quite suitable one because it is heavily inspired in the older sounds, circa 2010. The track’s own video accentuates these vibes, as it was recorded at Genesis, a classics focused event.

We have already said several times that Hardstyle is one of the most innovative styles and the one that has advanced the most in comparison to other genres. But it’s important we never forget our roots because if you listen back to early Hardstyle, it was really good! Tracks like these make us think about how it was back then and compare it with what it is now…

Nowadays producers already have access to everything in terms of software and plugins, in the past it was a lot more complicated and music production required more hardware, which made us see music another way. As time went by, the way producers worked has adapted, and we also hear music differently, given consumer grade equipment can already reproduce high quality sound. We are more demanding with the music we’re given now, and producers adapted with this as time went by, always giving their absolute best.

After a giant evolution, Frontliner appears from the shadows with this magnificent release and we are grateful because it was a long time since we heard the old Hardstyle.

Frontliner, since he made peace with Q-dance after a confusion between them, has gained much more motivation to make tracks (more than he was already doing) and his name on the stage is something that we’re seeing more often, and we’ll certainly see in the near future, as guaranteed because its quality over the years is like wine, the older, the better!

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