The UK producer and DJ Conrank returned to show all his quality when it comes to making new songs and does not come alone.

Although the situation is not the best, good news arrives from the British sides, with Conrank launching his new theme, but he does not do it alone, it is in collaboration with Charmae ​​that they present “These Walls“. A melodic dubstep that leaves no one indifferent when you hear it, a perfect melody and two great artists who simply did their magic and showed all their talent.

This is not the first time that these two artists have decided to create masterpieces, they have previously collaborated on “Bullet In The Gun” and “Wake Up“. In both themes Charmae ​​ends up leaving her “comfort zone”, taking into account that she has her main inspirations in melodies related to Hip-Hop and Jazz, showing that she is also a good artist that can explore other sounds. Conrank, on the other hand, wasted no time after his last hit “Sound Burial” and continues his successful journey in search of new sounds, thus enriching fans with the best that he can give. This is a theme released through Circus Records.

Listen below the new track of Conrank and Charmae:

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