Today around 11 am we received a notification from Gearbox Digital saying that Fraw released another excellent track, named Techno Music!

Fraw is growing a lot in the Xtra Raw scene and the hype for this producer is in fact justified because he releases really good tracks with a unique sound.

Techno Music is a track full of diverse kicks along the track and all of them give us great pleasure in listening. Fraw is known for having magnificently distorted kicks and hence many DJ’s like Ncrypta, Thyron and others collaborated with him.

Fraw is capable of being at the moment one of the main artist responsible of the future of Xtra Raw to be assured and that it will not die, because when hearing the sounds it has you will realize that Xtra Raw is much more than very high screechs and distorted kicks to the maximum, the imagination doesn’t have limits nor rules.

This young man has performed on several stages and I leave here, in my personal opinion, a set that makes you shiver from start to finish, together with the duo The Straikerz, they’ve made a magnificent set, bangers from the beginning to the end of it.

There are other tracks that I also recommend listening to, so that if you like, don’t forget to follow him on social media to keep up with what he’s up to and not miss new releases.

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