One of the hottest trios out there joined together again! Atmozfears, Code Black & Toneshifterz have a new track out that you’ll replay numerous times!

The track begins with striking male vocals. The lyrics are very interesting, and give the track its name, as they’re about risking it all and taking home the prize, looking for the ultimate reward and success. The robotic effect down below in the vocals is really interesting. Shortly after we’re treated to an immensely catchy melody, followed by a small buildup leading us to a climatic part. The kick and bass combination here is really good, with the bass down below arguably being the star of the show – heavy, deep, powerful, contrasting nicely with the melody up high. The break is short and is a buildup for the second climax in itself as elements are slowly added as we progress. The second climax has more or less the same recipe of the first, with a few small variations, ending the track with a great bang. Listeners with a good ear will also find small background details that make this one a very rich track, such as the clock sample and the melody behind the vocals.

The lyrics here will certainly ring true to many of us listening at home. In the end, we miss 100% of the chances we don’t take, and this track is about risking it all and succeeding… and even if we don’t, we come back home knowing we tried. Marvelous piece of work, and a true candidate for the top tracks this year.

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