After flashing us with the huge list of names on last weekend’s livestream, Decibel has now unleashed the complete list of artists who will be a part of this epic weekend.

During the stream the names were presented too quickly, but now we have it all in full on the promoter’s website, and if it’s too overwhelming for you, don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the highlights of this star studded lineup!

Staring off the weekend in great style, Friday will host 3 different areas. One of the highlights is Jay Reeve taking the mainstage on this day – a big achievement for an extremely promising artist that is poised to take his (well earned) spot in the top of the Hardstyle scene. Another highlight is Noisecontrollers, who will represent the sounds of Decibel… And who better to represent the festival than the person that probably did the best Decibel anthem to date? On the Hardcore side, Evil Activities promises to deliver an epic show, as usual.

On Saturday, big highlights such as N-Vitral closing the main stage, Sefa doing a special “Frenchcore Intermezzo” show, Neophyte presenting Onkruid, an album promised late last year, DRS doing a LIVE act, Tymon playing some heavy sounds, A-Lusion doing an always fan favorite classics set, Art of Fighters and Endymion doing their own Millennium set respectively and B-Front going for a LIVE performance.

Sunday will be another big day, with Tha Playah & Mad Dog mashing up Dutch and Italian vibes to close the Mainstage, Udex taking a place on one of the “raw” stages, and The Purge on the other one, Ruthless & Darkraver sharing the stage for a Retro set and DRS doing another performance, this time a normal one.

Besides this, there are a couple of things that deserve an honorable mention, and which please me a lot personally: the absolutely stellar lineup for the Hardcore stage on Saturday, filled with the best there is on the scene, and the irreprehensible programming for Hardstyle classics on Sunday, with Chris One and Geck-o likely bringing back some old school Theracords vibes, Dozer bringing the old school Fusion sound back to life, Luna rocking the wheels of steel as he always does, Josh & Wesz doing their usual sets with bangers from top to bottom and Tatanka bringing some heavy Italian vibes!

Have you already bought your ticket? Let us know through our socials who you’re excited to see!

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