Precisely 2 days ago, b2s presented us with a release from Frequencerz and Rejecta: “STAY LOUD” is the name of the track and has a great meaning behind it.

The track contains a sad melody, a very emotional feeling because of this whole situation that we went through and the kicks are the magnificent kicks from Rejecta.

Due to this pandemic, many festivals could not be held and a major crisis is underway, as we have already mentioned in many of our articles, the movement “The Sound of Silence” is growing every day and is not close to ending.

Decibel is by far one of the most beautiful and largest festivals in the Hardstyle world with countless stages and dream line-ups. Last weekend, if we were in normal times, Decibel was supposed to take place, but the organization made a livestream instead, as many other festivals. The effort of b2s must certainly be recognized. We are all being affected by this horrible situation as we are longing to be able to jump on the festival ground, punch the air and listen to the music loud and clear.

With sad vibes in the air, Frequencerz and Rejecta release their 2nd collab. This somewhat comes in full circle for the 2nd act, because by chance it was Frequencerz who launched Rejecta to the scene back in 2017 when they played 2 tracks from Rejecta on Qlimax, and at that time people went crazy when these tracks graced the Gelredome.

The community was waiting for Rejecta to come out of the shadows and show who he is and to this day he is one of the most loved in the Raw scene having performed in countless festivals.

We have talked about Rejecta several times and even the album he released at the time so if you want to read it, click here.

Frequencerz are already legends in the history of Hardstyle and unfortunately this year we cannot show you how much fun a set of Frequencerz is… but if you have the opportunity to see them, you cannot miss it! We surely enjoyed ourselves a lot seeing them perform last year at Defqon.1!

We are all together in this fight, we will get the festivals back in the safest and most fun way. We will not be silent and we will make noise!

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