Returning to releases in their usual label, bitbird, DROELOE release another fine piece of art!

It seems this track also serves as a follow up to their The Choices We Face EP, and you’ll clearly see why just by hearing the vibes it brings…

The track kicks off with the pitched down style vocals we’re used to from this artist. We then have a part focused on vocals with a simply background. As we progress, we get a 4 by 4 beat marking the pace. Before the beat drops, we have a quiet part that serves as a build up towards the end of it, with elements being introduced in a crescendo. We’re then led through a bass heavy section that sounds amazing, with interesting details such as a hi-hat and a striking melody that has just enough presence, without overwhelming other elements, such as the vocals. We get another vocal section, followed by another intense one where all the details in the bass shine through.

This isn’t only yet another well made composition by DROELOE, but it is also a track that manages to have a very particular atmosphere and send a very strong message, as the lyrics talk about living just to see others live, a sentiment many of us can relate to. However we have the power of getting out of bed and doing something that we’re passionate about!

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