The American DJ and producer Morgan Page took advantage of the Tritonal vibe and made his own remix for the American duo’s music.

Talent is not only limited to the European continent, in this case we will have to go to the American continent to see the excellent work that Morgan Page did, when making a remix for the also American Tritonal, for the track “Someone To Love You“. This great tune is reborn with a different tone, but nevertheless very good.

Giving his own rhythm, Morgan Page transformed this track into something more focused on Future House, thus giving a fresh air to the song. A stronger start, followed by vocals and with a drop filled with his magic. On this Tritonal EP, Morgan Page joined Dubvision, Koven and Zack Evans who contributed to remix the song “Someone To Love You“.

The experienced American DJ has done some work this year, including participating in some livestreams, taking into account the pandemic in which we live, and preparing new themes and remixes for the fans. For now, we will look forward to more magic for both Morgan Page and Tritonal who have launched several themes this year and continue to grow more and more. This is a theme released through Enhanced Music.

Listen below the new remix of Morgan Page:

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