Everywhere around the world, DJ’s have been finding their own unique way of sharing their art and letting everyone know that you can still play your sets. In Portugal, Mayze X Faria are now doing that exact same thing.

In fact, the portuguese duo has just released the second edition of their X Places series, one where both of them travel to a special place in the country and record a one hour set. This time, they went to Viana do Castelo and recorded the set in the historic Gil Eannes ship.

These guys have been releasing some of their best work till date and after having released several tracks in 2020, such as Sally’s Club, Disco Is Back, Police Pursuit and not forgetting the outstanding Perfect Plan, which got featured in the Ibiza Summer compilation from Happy Records, not working is no option for them and they’re making their way to the top. From their collab with Pete Tha Zouk, to stages like Somnii, their career is getting the recognition it deserves and they’re definitely in the right way to be amongst the best.

This new project is counting on a marvelous amount of beautiful places around the entire country and will showcase what is probably hidden or just unknown to many people.

They will have amazing landscapes along the way, so make sure you follow their journey and the episodes to come. Watch the second one down here and let us know what you think about it!

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