Yesterday around noon, Avi8 released a very sentimental track.

Closer” is the name of the track that, by itself, is a track that has a lot of feeling and in times like these I think it is quite understandable to have so many producers that make this type of tracks, because we are all sad with this situation all around us.

The track contains a very sad melody and some nice kicks to the rhythm and synergy of the melody, it is a spectacular combination.

Gearbox as a whole is a label mostly focused on the more aggressive side of Hardstyle but there is always room for new ideas, whatever the producer is, and if it was released there it is because the quality deserves to be recognized and Avi8 deserves to have a spotlight at such a great label.

The video clip shows lots of pictures with fans and in fact it is something dedicated to them after all the support that they have shown the artist over time.

In my opinion, producers have been revealing their more sentimental side because we are in an emergency situation, many festival promoters are declaring bankruptcy and do not have any financial support and this is making fans and DJ’s very worried about the future of music festivals.

I hope that in the near future we will be able to recover the essence of our festivals and with the maximum possible security.

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