After huge releases like Never Alone, Powermode and Untouchable, Primeshock continue to make their talent shine with a thunderous remix.

The track kicks off with the distinctive original vocals chops intact. We then quickly head over to a pace setting mid-intro with a nice, crunchy bass down below and a few small elements topping it. As we venture through it, the track switches up a bit with a more impacting kick and many elements left from the original track. The break slows down the pace, giving it a very interesting twist that’s definitely still in tune with the track’s overall theme! The track then quickly ramps up giving us the immense melody that’s been kept intact as well, but reworked to sound a bit more up to date. The build up is quick, bringing in a very energetic climax like the ones we’re used to from this duo. A slight melody variation as the climax ends helps keep things interesting. Second climax ramps up things a tad bit more, finishing the track with a bang!

What an amazing remix! The Groove is a personal favorite of mine from Da Tweekaz, and to me counts as one of the best tracks they’ve ever put out, and this remix keeps many elements from the original, while still completely reinventing the track, in a nice, cheerful, energetic way! Wonderful job!

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