A brand new label with strong and fresh faces has emerged in the Hard Dance scene… Savage Squad Recordings is its name, and it is headed by The Purge and Mind Dimension!

Together with them, they’re bringing Ace, Genox and their trusty manager Jordy van den Berg.

This marks the end of one of the biggest mysteries in the scene, that started back in the beginning of July with some changes to the Spoontech label, with the artists that are now part of SSR leaving Spoontech to form this new label.

Since then, The Purge has extensively teased this new label through his socials, and there is even a fan group of the label that was created before its announcement, contributing to the whole mystery behind the SSR acronym.

As for the names in this label, their talent speaks for themselves!

The Purge and Mind Dimension are well known names by spoontechnicians since 2017 and 2015, respectively. Genox is an even older name in the scene, with his first releases dating back to 2010, and is one of the first few talents that onboarded Spoontech back in the days. Ace is a more recent name, but a talented one, that we have featured on our website previously.

Despite all this, the departure from Spoontech doesn’t mean these artists severed all ties with them, given they’re seemingly still under the Orange Tree bookings agency, which is closely related to Spoontech.

Be sure to give these guys a follow on their socials and stay tuned for what’s upcoming! We at Wide Future wish this label the best of luck, and we’re eager to hear what bombs they’ll bring to our speakers!

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