From New Zealand, a star is born, Quix, and from Vancouver, another star is born, Juelz, a duo who did something you are not prepared to hear.

Two continents, a single love: music, is what brings together these two great artists, Quix and Juelz, who together created another great theme that had already seen the light in their sets but that finally sees the day when it can cause real damage. “Chicane” is the new theme that made these two great artists come together and with the trap of Quix and Hip Hop by Juelz, they’ve created this great masterpiece.

From the first seconds we realized that the song will be “heavy”, with the sounds of an engine kicking it off, something that promises to cause adrenaline and when it reaches the drop we understand why, a very strong drop with an equally booming bass where we see the perfect fit of trap and hip hop.

Speaking a little bit of Quix, he achieved greater recognition with the release of his EP “Illusions“, immediately drawing the attention of Steve Aoki and Dim Mak in 2018. He performed in two great shows, sold out, in his country New Zealand and he currently has his own radio program on iHeartRadio Evolution, “The Quix Fix”.

Juelz, born in Canada, has been on the rise with his talented production and ability to combine Hip Hop and electronic music, as well as being the author of brutal remixes. It was after “Cocaine” that his success would grow even more and was notorious after the release of his EP “High Octane”. An artist who has a lot to show and who will have an epic future with quality releases.

Listen below the new track of Quix and Juelz:

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