That’s right, artists can’t seem to stop experimenting sounds and different genres from what they usually bring out. Now it’s time for Tiesto and Vintage Culture to show you how good trying out new things actually is.

In fact, this Friday was time for Coffee (Give Me Something) to come out from the shadows and let everyone know that the deeper genres will never be in the dark. With this brand new release, Tiesto and Vintage Culture show how they can make a hit out of anything they produce.

This one is ready to be played in every dance club (when it is finally safe for us to rock all the dancfloors) and it will definitely be a crowd favorite. With a catchy vocal, joined by a ear sticking melody, Coffee will surely be your nightride company and it won’t let you fall sleep at all.

The retro synths and the fresh futuristic basslines will blow you away and this track is a step towards the evolution of the deeper sounds artists are now coming out with.

Coffee (Give Me Something) is now out everywhere, so make sure you go feel those oldschool deep vibes and let us know what you think about it!

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