Trance Wax showcases his talents through the Anjunabeats imprint with a track filled with old school, Rave and Trance elements!

This may be a new name to some of our readers, however the man behind it certainly needs no introduction – Garry McCartney, also known by his Ejeca alias, with somewhat more underground releases, is now taking a new flight with the Trance Wax alias.

The track kicks off smoothly with a synth slowly taking over the airwaves, accompanied by soothing female vocals. Out of the blue, some old school piano chords emerge, with a nice bassline underneath that joins it all of a sudden. The track slowly builds up with an amazing breakbeat inspired by early rave music! The vocals complement all this. The break once again returns to a formula similar to that of the intro, but just for a short period before the breakbeat returns, with some synth elements on top of it all.

This is a track with simple elements, heavily inspired by a night out in the mid 90’s, but the way they’re put together just works, and it works really well!

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