Wonder boy from down under Synthsoldier has once again surprised his audience with yet another well made original, further showcasing his creativity.

His last few releases have been rather outside the box and this is no exception, with this Dirty Workz recruit being one of the best “hires” the label has done in the last few years!

The track kicks off with robotic like vocals, followed by a synth high above. After this intro section we’re treated to a mid-intro section with a punchy kick and a tie bassline rounding it. The break has the typical Synthsoldier vibe that we are used to. The atmosphere here is incredible, with this artist conveying perfectly the futuristic, robotic vibe from the track. All elements are well balanced, from the vocal samples up to the synths. The build up isn’t too intense, which heightens the energy that the climax passes on, as suddenly everything goes up to 11! The melody is really great, with the kick being pleasing even in small headphones.

After amazing hits like Ascension and Sovereign, the artist continues to put out fresh tracks with a sound that’s already distinctively his, making us even more eager to hear what comes next for this great talent! Give him a follow on socials if you’re enjoying his work…

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