Latest track hitting the airwaves is I Know You from Jordin Post! The young prodigy is back to releases on Anjunabeats after being featured in the 15th edition of the renowned Anjunabeats Volume series.

This artist needs no introduction for fans of very distinct dance music sub-genres. From his ventures as Juventa, to being one half of the KUURO duo, Jordin has produced very distinct tracks, all of them top notch!

The tracks starts softly, with a background beat and some drowned out synths, with the beat slowly rising. The track proceeds with more intensity with a bass part that introduces the light kick that has just enough presence, and isn’t too overwhelming, which conveys the track’s feel perfectly. There’s some interesting vocal chops here and there as we progress. Right after we have the break, with only the bass effect we’ve heard before “disturbing” its peace, but not in a bad way, as it contrasts with the calm feel that the whole track transmits, making it more dancefloor ready. As we progress through the break, the track slowly raises its intensity with the help of a synth. The build up is a bit large, which is understandable given the type of track. Just before it climaxes, there are a few nice tribal elements, and after it drops, we have a synth following us through the whole climax, which is rather pleasing.

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