In this week’s 35th edition of our Imminent Radioshow, we bring you a young prospect from Évora: ladies and gentlemen, presenting DJ Trief!

Real name Francisco Faleiro, this youngster has big ambitions, aiming for world domination. With an eclectic mix for our Imminent Radioshow focused on more commercial music, DJ Trief brings his flavor to our airwaves!

How was your start as an artist?

It all started in a bar in my hometown at just 19 years old, where I started DJing. Then, in 2018, I started producing some sounds and later that same year I launched my first original track entitled In Love with Andre T, which for me was the first objective of many.

Biggest Inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Dirty Sound Boys, and of course, my idol Hardwell.

What obstacles have you faced along the way?

I faced immense obstacles such as being cheated in some performances, not giving me due value for hailing and trying to make it big in a smaller town. In regards to production, I had a lot of obstacles due to not having any previous knowledge in music production but with time, patience and practice I started to understand a little more the various nuances and styles that exist.

How did you surpass them?

To overcome these obstacles, I just had to practice a lot, study the music and the art of DJing. As for performances, I had to face reality and try to solve the problems by signing contracts before playing. One has to try and overcome these little obstacles that appear along the way, and one must never give up on something, which for me is the dream of being a DJ and playing all over Portugal and even at a worldwide level!

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