SWACQ‘s not the new kind in the block anymore as he just made his debut under Don Diablo‘s Hexagon Records!

The dutch based wonder boy has already released some major hits that built up his name pretty solid in the dance music scene, when you talk about Future House (he actually created his own sound, so you can’t really tell how much of Future House his tracks actually are).

From his major collab with the legend Tiesto, Party Time to his solo No Strings Attached and even to Switch Back, this guy has released tracks under some of the biggest labels in the industry. STMPD, Musical Freedom and now Hexagon are only a few of the dream labels.

While making this track, SWACQ was trying out a simple pluck and the final result is just mental:

‘Boss Dem started of as a corny idea with simple pluck, but as soon as I started to put some distortion on it, the track started to get some balls. (…) Overall it’s a banging track but still with a lot of groove and switches to make your feet shuffle!

You can now hear the official audio down here, so make sure you do and let us know what you think about it!

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