This man needs no introduction – Hard Driver is known for remarkable releases and is one of the most talented members of the Dirty Workz crew. But nevertheless, he never ceases to surprise us in each and every release, with Run This Town not being an exception.

The intro kicks off with distorted female vocals, with a robotic-like background. This is followed by the epic mid-intro with a very deep kick that aims to get dancefloors going. The kick opens up a bit more as we progress, with the classic heavy sound that’s so characteristic of this artist and a really good bass underneath it. The break is soothing and gets back the vocals from the intro. The melody takes prominence right after, with its high frequencies filling in almost the entirety of the airwaves. The build doesn’t take long, unleashing the full potential and energy of this track in the climax, which experiences a kick change that keeps things interesting. The second part of the track features an anticlimactic part similar to the mid-intro, but finishes in full energy.

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