Legendary producer Zatox is back to releases, representing the best there is in the world renowned Italian Hardstyle sound. This time he brings Change The World, a track that’s both energetic and brings a very good message with its lyrics that make the listener think…

The track kicks off with some vocals inviting the listener to get to know himself. We then kick off to a pace setting mid intro with insane rave synths and a punchy kick down below that can wake up any dancefloor! The break goes back to the vocals featured in the intro and has an orchestral feel with some strings in the background and opera-like vocals. The lyrics invite the listener to improve upon himself and accompany the world that’s ever changing. The lead melody doesn’t take long to appear and lead us to the energetic build up. The climax is full speed energy as we are used to from this producer, with the melody topping it off from start to finish. There’s some small room to breathe between climaxes, with the track ending with a bang.

As expected from a Zatox release, this sounds absolutely epic in decent speakers. This talented producer has been long connected with Hardstyle, and has never disappointed.

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