Veteran DJ/Producer Paul Van Dyk shares official video for new track Guiding Light, in collaboration with a very good cause.

Since the 1990’s, Eisenhüttenstadt native Paul Van Dyk has been associated with the word “trance”, being one of the pioneers that encouraged the genre to take major strides forward in popularity, commercial availability and quality. A true trend-setter and chart topper, Paul is best known for his iconic anthem For An Angel, but one shouldn’t diminish his work to just that: 2-time Nº1 DJ In the world (2005, 2006), a staggering number of incredible studio albums, remixer-extraordinaire, political activist, and so much more: Paul is a generational talent that inspired others to do good for the world. And it is that exact attitude that took Paul to contribute to an emotional cause with his latest track.

Released on Paul’s own Vandit Records label, Guiding Light is an effort released along with the Southeastern Guide Dogs University, a facility dedicated to raising and teaching guide/service dogs, in order to help people with vision impairments, PTSD, anxiety and more how to cope with everyday activities that might seem trivial to most. Through state of the art facilities, expert training and other modern techniques, these dogs and their natural contagious happiness is harnessed to help those who have lost their smiles along the way. To this extent, Guiding Light’s video features the heart-warming story of Pip, a clumsy yet pure-of-heart puppy that finds his way to “Canine University”. After failing all tests, Pip is expelled and is forced to witness his fellow colleagues graduating, that is until he spots a visually-impaired lady on the street on a direct path to a dangerous workplace. Pip doesn’t hesitate and steps right to the challenge, saving the lady and earning him some well-deserved recognition.

As for the track itself, it’s characteristic Paul Van Dyk, jam-packed with a whirlwind of emotions. Starting out with hopeful chords and melodies, we’re introduced to cheerful percussion as Sue McLaren’s gorgeous vocals shine through, laden with melancholy and mood-encouraging lyrics. The chorus induces the listener into a state of trance (pun intended), striking deep on one’s soul in a magnum opus of uplifting trance, proving once again Paul Van Dyk’s legendary status. Check out the video in the link below!

If you want to learn more about the Southeastern Guide Dogs University click here, where you can sponsor a puppy for just 19$ a month and watch it grow knowing it will serve as a lifelong companion to someone in need.

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