Continuing his streak of quality releases is D-Attack, a producer that unleashes energetic and rough tracks, and he’s been at the top of his game lately! Proof of this is The Dream, further solidifying his status as one of the most consistent producers at the moment.

Starting with a strong kick and an amazing atmosphere with orchestral vocals in the background, and with a mid intro that can get the dancefloor moving immediately, D-Attack immediately sets the mood for this banger. We quickly reach the break that also has a spine tingling atmosphere. The lyrics in the break are about pushing forwards and reaching what you dream most of, stepping higher than the difficulties. The track drops all of a sudden, which is rather great in my opinion and works really well here. The long melody carries us through the climax, and it is an addicting one! Kicks are heavy, contrasting well with the melody and providing all the roughness. After a short break between climaxes we go for the second one, finishing the track in full force.

This is likely one of the best tracks this artist has ever put out. It carries an incredible energy and a message that’s very close to pretty much everyone’s hearts. We can all relate to having difficulties reaching our goals, having things pulling us down and stopping us from getting there. But we all need to know that to have the rainbows, we’ve got to have the rain first, and that good things are just around the corner!

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