On Wednesday around 3 pm, Crypsis releases the track “In The Jungle” with an incredible oldschool vibe.

Crypsis already has a remarkable history in the Hardstyle scene having made fantastic albums and magnificent releases, if you want to know more about what he’s been up to, click here. After Crypsis’ Instagram was attacked a long time ago (you can read more about it here), when he recovered his account, he announced to fans that new tracks and even an album was on the way and that later or sooner we would hear the new bangers from this gentleman. Although it has been a while, we have not forgotten that, even I personally am a huge fan of Crypsis, I see him as an idol.

In The Jungle” contains a very oldschool vibe and has Minus Is More’s own sound, being a label well known as Unlike Others and in fact this fame is justified. The vocals are very typical of Crypsis and together with the kick, the track is spectacular. The modern times of Hardstyle have been noticeable in such a way that we almost forget the roots and this track, in a way, brings together the best of both worlds. To end the article, Crypsis is known to many as the master behind the decks and this set explains why:

Have fun listening because in my opinion this is the best set I’ve ever heard in my life.

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