Missed our interviews? So did we! This time, we caught up with Ciro Acciarino, CEO of Black Rose Recordings, a new label focused on new sounds, new artists, and pushing the boundaries of techno even further! Here’s what he had to say:

[Wide Future (WF)]First of all, thank you so much for being available to do this interview and share some thoughts with us about Black Rose and the techno scene.

What led to the creation of the label? How long did you have to think about the idea?

[Ciro Acciarino – Black Rose (CA)] – The idea of the label was born 3 years ago, because I always wanted to provide quality music to people. After working for a long time with Erly, it came to me one day in quarantine that I needed a way to put out the music we believe in! I decided to dedicate my energy on this project with Erly and Alberth to give space to our vision!

[WF] – Where was this passion for music born and, especially, the passion for melodic techno?

[CA] – My passion for music started when I was 13, as I followed the electronic sound of house music. Growing up, I started to get a real identity for my musical ideas and, after that I began following progressive techno from the beginning, listening to guys like John Digweed, Sasha and many others of that kind, until I finally arrived in the melodic techno scene!

[WF] – What are your long term goals for the label itself? How about short term goals?

[CA] – The main goal is releasing quality music and be professional about what we do, as well as transmit our passion to the listener. We don’t have short term goals because we prefer to take our time to make quality stuff, stay tuned for that…

[WF] – Since you’re a manager, has this particular job helped you with the creation of the label?

[CA] – I worked in the booking and management sector for around 6 years. It definitely helped me a lot when it comes to personal growth but also on the label giving me the necessary requirements to do it in a professional way.

[WF] – As the first release was from Erly, how long have you known each other and what lead to this first release?

[CA] – I’ve known Erly since 2012, we grew up together in the musical and professional sector. As I listened to his music everyday, I was sure that something special would happen.

One day, he made 4 amazing tracks in a single week and because I respect him for all the trust and the loyalty he gives me, we had to to dedicate one track to Peppone, a real brother that passed away.

[WF] – You have been working with Alberth and Eleonora as well, both amazing talents on the scene. Do you think that they can help the label grow exponentially?

[CA] – Of course! I always believed in Alberth, and I was right as his whole EP is still in the Beatport chart.

[WF] – What’s your favorite track Black Rose has released thus far?

[CA] – I love them all, this is our one and only true goal: release music we all love, because if they don’t give us feelings, then we don’t think that it fits Black Rose.

[WF] – How did you manage to get support on some tracks on Black Rose by big artists in the scene, like Tale of Us? Was that something planned?

[CA] – I believe in my artists, their support is enough. It’s one of the ways it makes us unique.

[WF] – Since most labels are now trying to do live streams as a way to showcase some new tracks from the artists, are you thinking about doing one as well?

[CA] – No, I always followed my own ideas and not what others do. I truly believe that new music should be first heard live in the clubs, to entice real reactions and real feelings. We did just one 6h live stream though, but that was due to a lot of fan requests.

[WF] – After the pandemic is over, do you have some plans for a future event of the label itself?

[CA] – Of course and they are already planned.

[WF] – Since you’re a manager you must be always paying attention to new upcoming producers. Have you ever been in contact to a Portuguese producer that could maybe sign in Black Rose?

[CA] – I haven’t had the the opportunity just yet, but I’m always on the lookout for quality sounds!

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