Nearly one month after the release of ‘Open Sky’, by Alberth on Black Rose Rec, the Italian label is now back with the release of a new EP from the duo Opposite Ways.

Opposite Ways, composed by Gabriele Bianchi and Gabriele Pavanati are already a quite well-known duo in the scene with many stunning tracks such as ‘Raijin’, a 3 track EP with Vis:on, ‘Sweetness’, ‘Not For Us’, both released on Running Clouds and many more. Already with a good library of releases, obviously the support from big artists on the scene, such as, Tale Of Us, Undercatt, Fideles, Fur Coat, Øostil and Soel, helped them grow a lot and gain some reputation.

Now, for the first time on Black Rose Rec, they deliver to all the fans a 2-track EP called ‘Il Buio Svanirà’, which means ‘The Darkness will Vanish’ and well, being honest, that’s the perfect description of the EP, a truly journey with beautiful melodies.

At first, we have ‘Il Buio Svanirà’ that gives the name to the EP itself. This track is an epic non vocal melodic track that combines powerful drums alongside with a chilling melody that together make the perfect track to match with the EP’s name.

After that we have a collab from the Italian duo with Stjepanek featuring Eleonora, and yes, you know these two brilliant artists already from the track ‘With You Here’. This time, they give to us a track called ‘You And Me’ a remarkable melodic techno track with the already well-kwon vocalist Eleonora. Combining the vocals with the amazing work from Opposite Ways and Stjepanek it gives you the perfect track to fit in any kind of environment and just enjoy it in the simplest way possible.

You can purchase ‘Il Buio Svaniràhere and tell us your opinion about it in the comments!

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