You can stop festivals, but you cannot stop partying and much less take the music away from the fans. Especially in a community like the one you see on the Hard Dance scene…

That’s what streams are all about, and after the smashing success of the Defqon.1 @ Home stream, last weekend we had the one from Dominator, another renowned festival that’s been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The lineup was really promising and it did deliver. As the stream started we were greeted with a classic Dominator setting – the stream seemed to have been recorded on site at Eersel, or at least on a location that was pretty much the same as the usual one. Artists were at the beachside, in front of a lake, and the organization even put bikers and buggy riding through the sand just like in the actual festival!

Re-Style kicked off the day with a set that wasn’t bad, but had a bit of room for improvement in what concerns mixing technique. An enjoyable set, nevertheless, that opened the way for Miss K8 who completely smashed the decks! A few other highlights from the all star stream were Mad Dog who, as usual, did a full speed, Italian flavored set, along with Angerfist who presented his absolute triple A game and Drokz who did an absolutely irreprehensible set, a true master in his craft.

While the stream was very well executed, with a lot of production involved (and the same epic drone shots we had seen at the Defqon.1 stream), it was slightly less technical as it was all pre-recorded, with recording times coinciding with the stream timing (they’ve seemingly recorded everything in one day, from midday to midnight, as we’ve seen the sun set as the stream went along). There was no fireworks display, but it was somewhat expected, as organizations are certainly on the red in what concerns financials, and despite being the biggest Hardcore gathering, Dominator is still smaller than Defqon.1.

Along with the stream, there was a compilation released that features the biggest names in the scene with new tracks! We call your attention for a few tracks that we feel are a big hits – Angerfist’s Born To Rule, Tha Playah’s Dedicated To Dominate and Nosferatu with Slumber!

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