One of the biggest releases hitting the airwaves this week is Endless Nights from DJ Thera! Be sure to grab your headphones and get ready for some shivers up your spine…

Kicking off with a synth in the background, some simple piano notes and MC Instinct’s vocals, you immediately see what this track is all about – good vibes and that feel of summer festivals! We then proceed to a build up that starts simple, with the melody down below, but that quickly ramps up, leading us to the climax, which bursts with immense energy and a huge summer feel, powered by an addicting melody and a heavy kick capable of getting any dancefloor going. Between both climaxes there’s a short break, where the vocals once more take over the airwaves briefly. The second climax has a very welcome melody variation, that helps keep things interesting, and the outro slowly winds the momentum down.

This is a very welcome track in the times we’re living in! Nothing replaces parties and especially festivals in the summer, but at least with songs like this we can reminisce about good times and regain trust that better days are just around the corner. In what concerns me personally, this one sits amongst the top productions this artist has ever released, so I’m sure you’ll love it as well.

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