The former prodigy that is Paris Blohm makes a triumphant return to the scene, this time refreshed as a new artist with a new sound!

Let’s face it: between the nullity of shows and festivals, the onslaught of live streams and the fact that DJ Mag is STILL electing a top 100 DJ’s in the world… yeah, 2020 is pretty weird. However, there’s a shining light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel, one named Paris Blohm.

The American-born DJ/Producer was one of the biggest prodigies to grace the scene back in 2013 and 2014. Motivated by the passing away of his sister a couple of years prior, Paris was soon on top of the charts, touring the festivals worldwide with his deeply emotional melodies, propelled by tight, punchy percussion. Tracks like Left Behinds with Taylr Renée, Colours, Fight Forever and so many more touched the hearts of many, and established a sound that Paris always tried to stay true to. However, and rightfully so, Paris grew tired of producing something he didn’t fancy anymore, and so… a new beast awakens.

Together with acclaimed Italian wonder Wasback, Paris Blohm fully delivers on that promise with They Say. Orchestral samples introduce us to Krigarè’s crystal-like vocals, quickly transitioning to a midtempo-inspired beat, seasoned with delightfully gritty and eerie basslines and wrapped up in a transcending atmosphere and vibe. They Say sets the tone for what’s to come from Paris, as the 30 year-old sets to bring back his battle-tested versatility.

Give Wasback and Paris Blohm some love on their socials, and check out They Say in the link below!

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