Finally, after a long wait, the “Wildfire” remix came out and we can hear it in repeat and in good volume.

Adaro is by far one of the biggest and most humble names in Hard Scene, both for making great music and being a very good person.

From the first day we heard this remix, we felt very emotional and although Adaro is the “Hunter of the Dark“, there is always room for evolution and different styles of production. “Wildfire” contains a fantastic melody and extremely good vocals. The climax is simply brutal because as I mentioned, the producers do not always need to follow a production line that’s always the same, Adaro proved that he was right with the direction he took here, and this track only shows that a good melody and a heavy kick together are the best thing we can hear. After both remixed each other, we’re left wondering if there will be a collab between Re-Style and Adaro in the near future… Adaro has been doing great this year with epic releases and very interesting collabs, let’s hope we can hear these tracks soon!

Adaro left his mark on our Portuguese territory with a great set at one of the We Love Hardstyle parties organized in Hard Dance Portugal and left a great compliment to the Portuguese crowd and we’re really proud to have watched him perform live a few times, here and abroad!

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