33 down, and 34 is here to stay, this time fueled by the sounds of one of the top females in the portuguese dance music scene: ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Ornella!

The Lisbon-based techno lover came from humble origins, but her dark, gritty and acid-filled DJ sets managed to gather a legion of fans that follow her wherever she goes. Propelled by the recente boom of techno in the portuguese music scene over the past years, we’ve asked Ornella the usual couple of questions before her set on our Imminent Radioshow:

How was your start as an artist?

My early beginnings as an artist were very easy and natural due to my passion about techno. The portuguese techno community needed the power of more women and I felt inspired by that. Along the way, I always had the support of the LX Music team, which really helped me get more notoriety. It gave me an opportunity to learn and to share the stage with other amazing artists, both national and international.

Biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin and Vil.

What were some of your biggest obstacles and how did you surpasss them?

At this point, my worst obstacle is COVID-19, because I had huge opportunities lined up and amazing things planned but they were cancelled. Due to the current situation I have to be patient and see where life takes me. I never lose hope and sometimes I know I need to take 1 step back to take 2 forward!

At just over 60 min, Ornella brings her signature energy to the Imminent Radioshow, capitalizing on the beats of Keith Carnal, Cleric, Flug, Joyhauser and more. Check out her episode in the link down below!

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