Solstice is known in the scene for his energetic productions and beautiful melodies and with this one he didn’t disappoint his fans! After striking success with Thank You, he continues in good shape with a new release, named Tears In Rain!

The track begins with deep male vocals, in a very serious tone. The mid intro seems unremarkable at first, until a very heavy kick drops for its end! The breakdown is rather cool with some piano elements, and then the heavy vocals kick in, with the lyrics taken from a monologue of the cult film Blade Runner. The melody in the background has a somewhat 80’s vibe, which is rather unique and interesting to hear in a Hardstyle track. Shortly after the vocals end, the lead melody fills the airwaves nicely, in a style that we’re used to hear from Solstice. The vocals assist with the buildup, with the climax dropping right after. The kick and bass are well balanced, not weak neither too overwhelming, and sound great in proper headphones. The second climax has another 80’s inspired element with the percussion elements at the start, and it is as energetic as the first, ending the track with a bang. The outro has something rather… strange in it, but it actually adds a bit to the track’s atmosphere!

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