It’s been a few days since the first volume of the Mixtape from Aggressive Records came out and we heard it over and over again and find it something very innovative and I would say quite unique and with many surprises!

This mixtape really came in handy because, as you know, the Coronavirus is here to stay and we are fighting it together and once again these gentlemen keep us distracted from all the bad things around us.

We kick things off with AUDIO DAMAGE from Sickmode – This is an incredible track by him that just helps solidify what we’ve mentioned a few times in previous articles, we were not at all sad about the separation of Malice because we have another producer of Xtra Raw to cause damage all over, and as we can see now, we witness a track track with lots of derivative kicks and vocals to match the melody vibe. Bello, Sickmode!

DISCOTEK is the second track, from Rooler – This track took us by surprise because as we know Rooler, he decided to create something completely different and that by chance the final result was very good. The strongest point of the track in my opinion was undoubtedly the first kick.

Demon Inside Me, from Malice – Since the success of Stronger, Malice has decided to recreate something very similar with touching lyrics and a nice melody. Many, including us, would really like to see a kind of “Stronger 2.0” and here it is! I was already feeling great with Stronger’s hype and it was of an extremely similar quality.

RIP SUMMER 2K20 from Sickmode – We are all together in this cause and unfortunately we are seeing one of our favorite seasons that should be full of festivals go away, and Sickmode decided to take all these feelings of frustration that are lingering within all of us and made this magnificent track, with kicks that are, as always, quite appetizing. Sickmode is just spectacular, unlike many he simply makes very creative tracks and puts kicks of all kinds and this makes this track very striking.

PARANOIA, by NOTYPE – This track will make you very paranoid and who is NOTYPE? We don’t even really know, but for the first track it’s not too bad, Spotify already counts 40,000 plays for his first release. The interesting touch of this track is the change of style, with a more house-like style in the middle of the track, after the first drop with a very good kick.

Authority & Justice from MishMish is a girl whose first appearance was on Gearbox ‘first album “Lockdown“, with a thunderous track, with vocals from a League of Legends character and that made us very accommodating with the track because it brought the theme from a very famous game with excellent vocals. This track is equally good and quite aggressive, it is in the right label, Aggressive Records!

THE RULES LIVE EDIT from Rooler – “The Rules” is one of Rooler’s best-known tracks and he decided to take it and do something different but very good! It’s been a while since the edit was played live and we can finally hear it loud and clear and we are thankful for that track signore Rooler! You make the rules!

OH RIGHT (Mish & Sickmode) – After the first “Area 51” collab, Mish and Sickmode decide to team up yet again for another fascinating collaboration full of fantastic kicks. “They make everything alright!”.

Breed of Man (Malice) – Xtra Raw in its pure state and we return to the more aggressive and darker sides of Malice, this track is proof of that.

N.S.G. Live Edit (Malice & Re-Mind) – N.S.G. was one of the successful tracks and has lots of plays on Spotify and Malice decided to take the track and make it more modern, to adapt to the new times that Hardstyle in new styles production, a very good live edit.

BRAIN DEAD (Rooler) – Very interesting track on the part of Rooler because the way he did it made it very attractive and we liked it a lot, this is capable of being one of the best tracks on Mix Tape because right after the first “calm” part comes a succession of typical Rooler kicks and the first one is definitely something impressive.

IMPACT! (Sickmode) – My God, Sickmode does not stop and was inspired by this quarantine to create these bombastic tracks because I am already speechless to describe them, the succession of kicks is just fantastic as always and the melody is also something.

Never Surrender (Rooler) – This time it was Rooler’s turn to let go of all his anger about the virus on this track and the kicks are by far the most aggressive of the Mixtape.

LIVE EDITS MASHUP (Aggressive Act) – The Italian trio got together but this time to make a mashup with the tracks that they released some time ago when their album came out, you can read more about it here.

Cronfronting Hate – Live Edit (Malice & Rebelion) – This was one of the tracks that came out on the Malice album at the time and it was a bombastic track because Rebelion and Malice together… It’s a lot of destruction! I am especially loving this one in particular because on a personal level it was one of the tracks that I liked the most from the album.

SINS (Sickmode) – Now it’s Sickmode’s turn to show his Xtra Raw style on the darker side and SINS is proof that as much fun as Sickmode’s production style is, his dark side is also very attractive.

Bloodbath (Malice) – This is one of the oldest “tracks” that finally came out, I remember listening to this track on Qapital and recording the video and just waiting for the day to come out and finally here it is.

Supreme Live Edit (Aggressive Act) – Another edit of a track that marks who the Aggressive Act is, the best Italian trio ever, Supreme marks who they are in the Hard Scene.

MASSACRO (Aggressive Act) – We are going to increase the BPMs and finish the review of this Mixtape, the only weak point of this track is that it only has 1:50 minutes of track but it is enough time to finish any set in total destruction.

This Mixtape was really excellent with releases that we already expected to come out a long time ago, Live Edits that we never thought would come out and new tracks. Xtra Raw is revolutionizing Hardstyle and in a big way, soon we will have these names at top festivals and people, within Xtra Raw, hear which production style they like best and are sure to be fans. These tracks just came to prove that this style has a lot to give and at any moment everything can change in the scene when fresh sounds appear.

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Our opinion on volume 1 of the Mixtape from the label Aggressive Records
Favorite tracks
  • Demon Inside Me
8.3Overall Score

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