Up and coming artist Dayah has had her debut release out today on Q-dance’s NEXT platform, that focuses on upcoming talents.

It is likely that you are yet to hear about this artist, however she’s slowly making some waves as a DJ, with her Raw Volume podcasts, and has recently got a huge spotlight at the Defqon.1 @ Home online event, representing the sounds of the Purple stage.

The track kicks off with the melody piercing the airwaves straight away. After a short introduction from MC Raise on the mic, we get a punchy mid-intro with some menacing screeches. When you think the track is about to slow down, we carry on with full energy until we reach the break, where MC Raise’s voice takes prominence once more. At the end of it there’s a quick build up, after which the track unleashes all its energy in a relentless way! As we progress towards the end, the intensity goes up along with the kicks pitching.

The lyrics are very simple, but also interesting – they are about all Hardstyle addicts needing that fix of music every single day! It is about the feeling the kick and the bass gives you and the shivers you get when you hear amazing melodies. Something every fan will certainly connect with!

Very solid first effort from Dayah! What do you think? Let us know through our socials.

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