It’s game night and we’re going Bourlingue with PEACE MAKER!, as he strikes it out of the park with new remix of KEELD’s dancefloor smasher.

Expectations are always high for PEACE MAKER!, but the portuguese wizard somehow manages to break the mold every single time. This year has undoubtly been his best one to date, with 4 releases already out and about, and many more still in the works.

Carried by the momentum of his two greatest hits to date – Block Me and Isolation –  both released under the watchful eye of NYX, the Sesimbra native steps up his game and asserts himself as one of the dominant stars in the bass house scene.

At the personal request of fellow DJ/Producer KEELD, PEACE MAKER! returns to the spotlight with his own characteristic touch of viral hit Bourlingue, marking his debut on Tchami’s Confession. Whilst the original track lectured the listener to not “mess with the 808”, this remix is proof one shouldn’t mess with PEACE MAKER! either: grabbing almost no elements from the original one apart from the now famous vocal, Pedro fully reworks the track into an acid-filled, dance seizure-inducing titan, laden with juicy, bouncin’ mids and gleaming highs, brought to submission by PEACE’s trademark breakneck basslines.

Check it out in the link below!

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