On the 17th, Audiofreq launched another track and a very special one, the continuation of the saga “Lose Control” and he just unleashed the 5th version of it!

With an excellent Psy Trance and Happy Hardcore influences, “Lose Control 5.0” sets the pace at Dirty Workz, as it is an immensely interesting combination, but it does not amaze me at all and I will explain why.

Audiofreq is already well known in the scene for his love for producing quality stuff, for having huge skills to create fresh sounds and whatever style of music it is, it will always be wonderful to hear his tracks. With hands like these, it seems that while some were born crying, Audiofreq was already producing!

He was “silent” for some time a few years back, without showing too many signs of life, and it seems that during all this time, he was preparing track after track and perfecting his craft, interesting isn’t it? Here’s some good stuff:

If you’re not aware, in the past, the Australian producer, together with Code Black, formed the Bioweapon duo that for a long time marked the history of Hardstyle because they were really good.

Returning to the main theme, which is the track, the “Lose Control” saga has always been praised, and since the first time that Audiofreq used the motivation of the fans to continue and the results have been positive so far and we believe that in the near future it will continue.

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