Latest release at Art of Creation is one from a remarkable artist that needs no introduction. Wildstylez is at the spotlight of the Hardstyle scene and has released countless hits that every owner of an orange heart can sing or hum along to. Without further ado, let’s dive into his latest masterpiece…

Deeper Than The Ocean kicks off with its already iconic vocal sample, directly followed by a punchy mid-intro with vigorous bassline that fills the speakers really well! The break has the distorted female vocals, giving it a rather soothing atmosphere and sending shivers through your spine, with the support of the piano chords in the background. The melody doesn’t take long to fill the speakers. It winds down just for a small moment, while introducing the build up, after which the track climaxes beautifully joining all the good elements here – Wildstylez’s signature kicks and the very catch melody. The break between climaxes has just enough time for people to catch their breath on the dancefloor, with the second climax bringing yet another impressive burst of energy.

Wildstylez keeps reinventing his sound and improving it without loosing his unique style that characterizes all his hits. With this track he’s made an absolute work of art that’s certainly top 10 material for this year!

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