The latest news from the Hardstyle scene comes from Italy, the land of good food and great wine. On the 13th, the duo Clockartz has posted a somewhat cryptic message on their socials announcing that Konnie had an “important message” for the fans…

We were already predicting that this wasn’t really the best of news and that is exactly the case. Konnie has left the duo!

While this is indeed sad, Sebastian will carry the legacy, and we already have good news to kick off this new period for the (now solo) act.

First big news is the new Sunset Sessions concept, where Sebastian will record a set in his favorite locations, with the first one being rather impressive – an old castle!

The hill scenery is absolutely amazing, with really good drone shots, and we’re left wondering what’s the location that will be able to top this off. In addition to that, it appears the podcast will be rather varied, with new tracks, old ones too (we’re treated with Frequencerz & Titan’s epic Getting Off, for example) and tracks from upcoming producers, who are welcome to drop Clockartz a line with their work.

Speaking of new songs, midway through this set you’ll be able to hear Coming Alive, the latest from Clockartz, that just came out today! There’s also an “ID” track towards the end of the set…

All this to say that this is definitely not the end of Clockartz, but instead it is a new and exciting chapter. So stay tuned to him!

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