The latest effort from Chris One is a spine tingling, heavy track that will certainly pick your interest! A good composition from a very talented artist.

The track kicks off with a dark atmosphere and spine tingling vocals. After this we’re led through a mid intro section that’s fast, heavy and pounding, with a nice distorted bass down below. The break repeats more or less the same recipe as the intro. It then includes a cinematic-like part, coupled with the intense vocals. The lead melody soon takes the lead role here with the climax dropping hard and out of the blue, something that rather pleased me personally. The outro is straight to the floor heaviness, ending the track with a bang.

Fresh off tracks like Big Boys and a collaboration with Clockartz earlier in the year, he’s now bringing a track that’s even better! Hopefully all this work pays off well when we’re back partying with some bookings so that we can experience these amazing tracks live. An underrated producer that you should have a look at if you don’t know him!

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