It’s almost impossible to keep a secret on the Internet nowadays, and the latest leak in the dance music world proved it, this time affecting Project One.

Recently, in an unexpected turn of events, some rather mysterious posts appeared on YouTube with tracks from many Hardstyle artists being posted online by a seemingly automated system. Amongst this batch of tracks that included old classics there was a rather strange upload being made – the long awaited Project One album!

It didn’t take long before the internet noticed it, as usual. The upload was clearly made by a distributor’s automated system (Believe SAS), with some unusual details on the description, such as “Blocked Tracks” as the album name and a release date being set for the first of January next year.

Hardcore fans of the duo also noticed that some of these tracks were not on their most recent versions presented by the artists.

There’s a lot of speculation going on as to why this has happened, with many hypothesis being thrown around, such as an error from the distributor or someone from the Art of Creation staff. Some users online also pointed out that these tracks have to be uploaded earlier in order for it to be possible to issue copyright claims. Others also discussed the hypothesis of the album being scheduled for this time before the Coronavirus and that they’ve decided with another date since, but somehow forgotten to stop it from being released now.

The album has since been taken down. It appears Headhunterz already address this privately on a Telegram group with fans as well:

Heady surely promises the world to his eager fans, and we’re sure the Project One album will fully deliver. What’s your take on this? Were you hyped for this album? Do you think this will affect the album’s release! Let us know through our socials.

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