After some bootlegs over the last few months, Louis releases an original track of his, named Waiting, about a year since he’s last done so… He sure kept his fans waiting for a solo original! All jokes aside, let’s dive deep into this piece of music:

The track kicks off in a smooth atmosphere, with some soft background details. A short build up leads us to a dreamy part with vocals taking a prominent role. The lyrics are rather sentimental, and can be interpreted to be about a relationship that’s non reciprocal and where only one half of it gave it all, with that half getting tired of waiting for the other half to push things forward. The vocals echoing in the background are a nice touch. Right after it, the melody takes the front row for a few seconds, and then we have the build up with the vocals. The climax is energetic but transmits the sentimental tone of track well. The second climax has a melody variation, something that always helps to keep things interesting. The outro has a clever way of drowning out the vocals to end the track.

Slowly developing his skills and transitioning to a style of his own, Louis is definitely one of the highlight producers of the Hardstyle Portugal community and we’ve been keeping track of him ever since his great set together with Sly-R at Dancefloor last year (that you can listen to below). We wish him great luck, and hopefully we can hear another original from him soon!

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