DJ Thera has got his hands full in recent times, which resulted in great news from the Theracords imprint! Kicking off these, we have a remix EP released today with nine (!) amazing tracks, as well as yet another special pack that’s available now on the From The Hard store.

Starting off with the remix pack, you may recall that the artist recently hosted a remix competition, and this is the result of it! Amongst remixes from lesser known producers, we have Geck-o taking the task of remixing Lightsaber, giving it a more chill twist, while still maintaining the characteristics of some original elements like the melody, and adding a few tidbits that are characteristic to his own style (and an 80’s inspired part for the outro!). We then have wonder boy Valido giving Exploration a heavy treatment with some punchy kicks and distorted bass, along with Wavolizer remixing one of my personal favorites from DJ TheraThe Breaking Point! This artist brought his heavy Industrial influences for this remix, making it a versatile track with which you can close a Hardstyle set with for that extra bit of energy, or include in a Hardcore mix.

This doesn’t take away the shine from the upcoming producers chosen during the remix contest. They are all very good remixes, showcasing great talents, however we’d highlight the remixes from Montoni, for its use of acid elements and deep kicks, giving it a somewhat old school vibe, Raw Inq vs Alternate Reality for the last part of the track where they cranked up heaviness to 11, while still maintaining a nice melody and Hartsky for the unique use of Dubstep elements!

In addition to all this, there’s yet another big Theracords pack out – all the releases from the first year of the label! Containing 72 tracks, this can be downloaded for just 0,21€ per track, so yet another great deal… Containing the tracks that started it all! I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorites from this period to get your apetite ready for it!

From old to new, there’s a bit of everything in these last few releases. What do you prefer? Share it with us through our socials!

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